Seawall in action

Why do we need to take the Seawall Debate seriously?



BOOF!!! The seawall takes a direct hit in the last big sea.

IMG_3515 (800x600)

And another wave crashes into the recently built timber wall

IMG_3502 (800x600)

Until the wall was constructed the sand dunes and root systems were under severe threat.

IMG_3436 (600x800)

Boiling surf stopped at border

IMG_3522 (800x600)

And after the storm peace breaks out —

The neighbouring sand dune has been eroded to expose round the end of the side wall.

Photos by Bride Coe – Ames Street.

Comment on the wall.

6 meter poles with 4.2 meter palings deeply embedded into the sand and tied back to a horizontal dead man placed 6 meters behind the wall.

It is a great wall, but being timber it’s life span is limited to around 30 years – for the Parade in Paekakariki we MUST consider the longer term.


Get involved in making the best decision for Paekakariki!

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