Extended consultation

The design group met for a de-brief meeting following the 2 May public consultation meeting.

It was agreed that the community consultation at present has not yet clearly enough put forward a number of different options for the front, lower, wall of the seawall design.

It is important that we get the communities’ response to some different options for this front wall.  Other options may prove to be cheaper and or have a longer predicted life.  In the end the final choice will be influenced by the cost and practicality of construction, once the fundamental community design criteria are met.  It will be important to include some flexibility to cover different options within the final resource consent.

The other options do not alter the overall design – just the front wall.  The current preliminary concept document (Beca April 2015) covers the overall design but needs to include additional options for treatment of the front wall.  The options for the front wall are:

  1. Flat timber with occasional sections of concrete steps for access (the currently presented front wall in the preliminary concept document)
  2. Stepped concrete front wall, involving the extension of the currently presented large concrete steps along the entire length
  3. Flat concrete wall with occasional sections of concrete steps for access
  4. Flat concrete wall with a timber front face and occasional sections of concrete steps for access

It was decided to extend the consultation period by 2 weeks and provide some simple concept sketches and written info of other options. Also potentially a weekend drop in session at St Peters Hall to give people a chance to discuss and give feedback directly.

This would take the Feedback due date to 29 May 2015.


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